Terms Of Service

By visiting cwrescshop.com (“us”) (“we”) (“association”), using the website and services offered by  cwrescshop.com or when communicating with us  in order to  inquire or discuss products or requests, you are agreeing to these  terms in their  entirety. The association reserves the right to change  these terms from time  to time without prior notice.

Patent disclaimer – All products offered on cwrescshop.com might be subjects to patent  restrictions in your territory. The association does not warrant  that the  use or sale of the products delivered under will not infringe  the claims  of any patent(s) covering the product itself or the  use  thereof in combination with other products or in the operation of  any  process.

All  compounds are supplied strictly for laboratory research use only, with all necessary safety equipment and  procedures in place.

You agree that you will undertake a risk assessment of the compounds and the way in which they are intended to be utilized,  and will not proceed with, or allow, any actions to be taken which  could cause damage or increased risk or harm of any kind to any persons  or property. You agree that you will implement strict procedures  covering both handling and use of the substances within your  organization or facility, in order to prevent any improper usage or  harm.

By  contacting us and/or using our services, and/or with any request  or placing an order you hereby explicitly agree to the following:
-you represent and warrant that you are older than 18 years and of legal age in your jurisdiction
-you will follow all legal, state and federal regulations or any applicable law in your country regarding possession, order, proper use and handling of any of our products,
-you warrant that our product(s) will not be used for human consumption or redistributed for human consumption,
-you agree to free the associate, associated business, and employees of any  liability for loss, legal issues, or expenses arising from purchase or  application of our products. You agree that you will not hold the company liable for any harm resulting  from improper use of any products sold through cwrescshop.com. It is your  responsibility to check that the contents of your order are legal to  import, possess, and use for laboratory purposes in your country or  region.

We  reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is  suspected of  misuse of their products, with a full refund being given in  this event  if an order has been paid for but not sent. Users will be  banned from  the site in this case.

We always use traceable services when dispatching packages. Packages will be replaced free of charge (“full amount” or “half-amount reshipment”) if they don’t reach it’s destination city within 14 business days, confirmed by the courier company’s tracking system.

If any terms of part of these terms are deemed unforeseeable by a court of law, you confirm your acceptance completely that the remaining  terms or parts of terms will remain valid and in force